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Sand Making Machine for Sale

The sand making machine for sale is a professional gravel sand making equipment developed and produced by Daswell machinery. It combines many years of production experience and advanced technology and concepts at home and abroad. From the principle of operation to the structural design, the finished granular specification is very compliant with the needs of the sand market. At present, it has become an ideal equipment for artificial sand making and stone crushing.

sand maker
sand making machine

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Why choose the sand making machine for sale?

The sand making crusher machine is a common product in the fine crushing process. According to the characteristics of frequent replacement maintenance of the wearing parts of sand making, the sand making machine has improved. It is a new fine and coarse crushing product. It has a widely range of use, such as iron ore, sand, blast furnace slag, coal gangue and other hard ore crushing.

In addition, sand making machine, crushing equipment, and screening and conveying equipment can form a sand-making production line. Sand making equipment can make all kinds of rocks, gravel and river pebbles into construction sand that meets the standard grain size. The sand produced by the sand making crusher machine has uniform density and high compressive strength. It is far more in line with construction requirements than natural sand and sand produced by ordinary hammer sand maker machine. The equipment has many characteristics such as reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation and high work efficiency.

sand maker
sand maker crusher in our factory
sand maker crusher
sand making crusher in our factory

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The sand maker machine characteristics

sand making machine
sand making machine in our workshop
  • The sand crusher machine equips with a balanced feeder. It makes the stone materials evenly distributed in the crushing chamber, so as to increase the impact surface. The rotor plate hammer adopts clamping block pressing device, easy to load and unload, safe and reliable operation.
  • The impact angle of sand crusher machine is scientifically designed to increase the impact force. In the crushing chamber, the stone repeatedly collides with the hammer, the stone collides with the counterattack liner, and the stone collides with the stone. So the stone crushing rate and the output of finished products is improved, the cost of wear is reduced.
  • The gravel maker machine has a large crushing ratio, no screen bar setting, and will not be blocked when crushing materials with high moisture content and large mud content.
  • Adopting elastic adjustment mechanism, the unbreakable objects could discharge automatically without causing damage to the equipment.
  • High hardness, high toughness and multi-element alloy wear-resistant materials make the wearing parts, it can increase the life by 2-3 times.
  • The gap between hammer head and counterattack plate can be adjusted to meet the crushing requirements of various materials.

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Maintenance of the sand making machine for sale

In the process of use, sometimes we encounter the situation of slow discharging of sand making machine for sale. Don’t worry. Let’s understand the reason together and solve it.

Sand making equipment will block the material due to the fast feed speed. Because when the feed rate is very high, it will lead to increased equipment load. If it couldn’t manage in time, it will lead to slow discharging, or even plugging. In this case, you should pay attention to the feeding speed and ammeter pointer of the sand manufacturing machine. As the feed amount is large, the pointer of the ammeter will be too large, it will cause overload operation. When this happens, the feed quantity must reduce immediately. And the effective work of the sand making machine for sale must  ensure by adjusting the feeding equipment.

sand maker machine
sand making machine for shipment
sand maker machine
sand maker ready for shipment

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After the sand maker crusher has been working for a period of time, some problems such as aging, breaking, screen closing and crushing of corresponding accessories will appear. Another case is that when the water content of the material by the stone crusher sand making machine for sale is relatively large. It will also lead to the slow discharge of the equipment and even the blockage problem. In this case, the VSI sand making machine should be checked, maintained, and replaced in time to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

The blockage of the vent will also lead to the slow discharge or blockage of the sand manufacturing machine. This situation is generally due to the corresponding transport equipment does not match. When this problem is found, the vent should be cleaned first. And then the corresponding conveying equipment should replace in time.

Sand maker machine is in use for a period of time after we must timely maintenance regularly, otherwise it will influence the usage of the late!

sand maker machine
sand making machine ready for delivery
sand making machine
sand maker machine ready for delivery

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How does the sand making machine work?

First the ore materials fall into the crushing chamber from the feed hopper. And the high-speed rotating rotor throws the materials to the counterattack plate in the cavity. The material not only violently collides with the counterattack plate, but also collides with the material and then breaks. Then the material bounces back from the counterattack liner back to the blow hammer and breaks again. This process repeats until the stone meets the standard size and falls out of the discharging opening of the sand making machine crusher.

sand maker
sand maker crusher
sand maker
sand making crusher

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About us

We Daswell machinery is a large private technological enterprise. Our company focus on the research and development, production and sales of technical equipment in the crushing industry. Our company has accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing and processing of mine crushing equipment and general mechanical equipment. We company sells our products all over the world, and insists on business principles of ‘quality first and reputation first’. Continuous innovation in the field of mining machinery, and the sand manufacturing machine of us has a high reputation in the market. We not only provide customers with good equipment, but also good service. Whether in pre-sales or after-sales, we take the interests of customers first. And provide you with professional consulting services, and solve your difficulties during after-sales. Our Daswell machinery would provide professional staff to guide customers installation and commissioning for free.

If you have any problem about sand making machine for sale, please connect with us, we will answer you in time!

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