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Raymond Roller Mill


Raymond roller mill is a common equipment in the processing and grinding of non-metallic minerals. The particle size of the material ground by the Raymond mill is relatively fine and uniform. Its finished products can well meet the material requirements of various fields. Its feeding size: 20-35 mm; product fineness: 25-200 μm.

Raymond roller mill production line
Daswell Raymond roller mill production line

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The main structure of Raymond roller mill

structure of raymond mill

The overall structure of Raymond mill is a vertical structure. The main components are composed of mainframe, analyzer, fan, finished cyclone separator, fine powder cyclone separator and air duct. Among them, the mainframe is composed of a frame, an air inlet volute, a blade, a grinding roller, a grinding ring, and a cover.



Max. feeding size


Product size


Capacity (based on different raw material fineness)


Roller ring outer diameter


Total power


Raymond mill working principle

Do you want to know how does a Raymond mill work? Raymond coal mill mainly relies on the motor to drive the grinding roller and the grinding plate to rotate at high speed. Thereby it realizes the grinding process of materials. At the same time, the wind from the tuyere is used to blow up the materials separately for separation and collection. When working, the materials that need to be crushed are sent to the storage hopper by the elevator.

Then, the material is uniformly and continuously fed into the main grinding chamber of the Raymond grinding mill machine through the vibrating feeder. Due to the centrifugal force during rotation, the grinding roller swings outwards, pressing the grinding ring tightly. The scraper shovels up the material and sends it between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the grinding is achieved by the rolling of the grinding roller.

Daswell Raymond roller mill production line working site

Raymond roller mill
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Performance advantages

1280 raymond mill



Max. feeding size


Product size


Capacity (based on different raw material fineness)


Roller ring outer diameter


Total power


  • The particle size of the material ground by the Raymond roller mill is relatively uniform and can be adjusted according to needs. It can meet the material requirements of various fields.
  • The dust removal effect of Raymond mill for sale meets the national dust emission standard. Stable operation and low noise, it can achieve a certain environmental protection effect.
1700 raymond mill



Max. feeding size


Product size


Capacity (based on different raw material fineness)


Roller ring outer diameter


Total power


  • The internal grinding device of the Raymond powder roller mill adopts overlapping multi-stage sealing, stable transmission and reliable operation.
  • The core part of Raymond grinding mill uses wear-resistant parts. This could improve its service life and reduce subsequent Raymond mill maintenance costs.

Application of Raymond roller mill

Raymond grinder has a widely application in the milling and processing of hard materials. It is suitable for high-fine powder processing with Mohs hardness within 9.3. For example, marble, limestone, barite, dolomite, potash feldspar, fluorite, calcite, talc, kaolinite, activated carbon, gypsum, phosphate rock, chalk, glass, insulation materials, quartz, coal, etc. It is widely used in important fields such as power plant desulfurization, mining and water conservancy, construction and building materials.

Raymond mill for minerals powder production

jaw crusher in the raymond mill

The material of Raymond mill machine is crushed into specified particle size by jaw crusher. First, the bucket elevator lifts the material to the hopper. Then the electromagnetic vibrating feeder quantitatively sends it into the host cavity for grinding. The grinding roller device in the main machine cavity rotates around the central axis and swings outwards horizontally under the action of centrifugal force. Under the action of the blade, the material is sent into the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding ring for grinding. Then pulverize, grind and micronize. The grinding roller is cast from wear-resistant materials. And the contact surface between the grinding roller and the material is treated with wear-resistance to reduce wear and have a long service life.

The powdery materials in the Raymond roller mill are blown into the classifier above the main machine through the airflow of the fan for classification. The powder that does not meet the specifications will fall into the cavity of the main machine and be ground again. The powder that meets the specifications flows into the cyclone collector through the analyzer, and is collected as a finished product. The purified wind passing through the pulse dust collector will be discharged into the air. The wind path of the whole system is circular. Finally, the finished product is packaged by the packaging machine under the cyclone collection and discharge valve. It can also be sent to the finished product hopper through a gas delivery system and transported by a tanker.

Frequenty asked questions of Raymond roller mill

Raymond mill crusher is widely used as the main equipment for grinding powder processing of limestone, lime, calcium carbonate, gypsum, etc. Various problems in daily use are unavoidable. Next, I will summarize the common problems and troubleshooting methods of Raymond mill in daily use.

customer with raymond mill

Raymond roller mill grinds less powder

The main reason is that the powder locker is not tightly sealed. In the process of grinding powder, if the sealing work of the powder locker is not in place, the phenomenon of powder suction will be formed. This will result in no powder or less powder. So check the sealing of the powder locker and adjust the degree of sealing.

raymond roller mill

The finished powder is too coarse or too fine

This is the reason that the Raymond mill classifier is not working. The classifier is responsible for analyzing the size of the finished powder and whether it meets the finished product standard. In the case of severe abrasion of the blades of the classifier, it will not be able to perform the classification function. This will cause the powder to be too coarse or too fine. This situation can be solved by replacing a new blade.

raymond roller material

Excessive fan vibration

Accumulation of powder or unbalanced wear on the blades or loose anchor bolts will cause excessive vibration of the fan. We can specifically adjust by removing the powder accumulation on the blades or replacing the blades. And tightening the anchor bolts of barite Raymond mill.

Powder leakage from the bottom of the Raymond mill

There is a gap between the main machine casing and the edge of the grinding plate. It can be designed to recover and return materials or prevent leakage. It is also possible to extend the distance between the outer edge of the material bed and the outer edge of the grinding plate, or add a baffle with a certain height.

part of raymond roller mill

Abnormal powder particle size

The Raymond roller mill fan has not been adjusted properly. If the air volume of the Raymond mill pulverizer is too large, it will also cause abnormal powder output. The powder will be too coarse. If the air volume is too small, the powder will be too fine. If there is no abnormality in other conditions, the air volume of the fan should be adjusted to correct the powder particle size.

installation of raymond mill



Max. feeding size


Product size


Capacity (based on different raw material fineness)


Roller ring outer diameter


Total power


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