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Granite Crusher Machine

Granite crusher machine has a widely application in the crushing and shaping of hard materials. Such as in mining, water conservancy and hydropower, highways, railways, chemicals, building materials and other industries. It can crush various kinds of materials especially granite. This passage we will introduce the common granite crusher machines.

granite crushing
granite crushing plant

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Granite introduction

Granite is classified as a kind of magmatic rock, it is the deep rock formed by the gradual cooling of magma deep in the earth’s crust. The main components are feldspar and quartz. It is named granite because its mineral particles are clearly visible. It has high hardness, and strong durability, and it is not easy to weather, and the color is bright. Therefore, granite is often used as a building material in daily life, or as a raw material for decorations.

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granite stone

Different granite crushing machines

Granite is a relatively common and versatile natural stone. Granite has high hardness and moderate compressive strength. Because there are many needles and internal cracks in the granite crushed stone, it is necessary to use three or more granite crusher machine to ensure the particle size of the stone.

 crushing work site
granite crushing work site
granite crushing work site
granite crushing plant is working

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According to the characteristics of granite materials, we Daswell machinery specially designed various granite crushing machines. Granite is very abrasive, and during the crushing process, the wear parts of the equipment are very high. However, for the traditional impact crusher and hammer crusher whose principle is stone-on-stone, the worn parts wear easily. Therefore, in the design of the crushing process, we choose the crushing equipment of the lamination principle to reduce the loss of wear parts. The typical crushing equipment configuration is jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine so on. And which can be used for coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing of granite.

Granite jaw crusher

Based on the characteristics of granite, we Daswell machinery has developed a new granite jaw crusher. This equipment is the first choice for crushing granite mostly. It is often used as the primary crushing equipment of granite and the large granite can be crushed to a particle size of less than 100 mm. Here are some features of granite jaw crusher:

  • Large feeding hopper, high crushing cavity, suitable for high-hardness granite crushing operation, large block size, less stone powder.
  • The gap between the mobile jaw and the static jaw of granite jaw crusher could adjust easily and effectively controlled the discharge particle size, and the particle shape is good, which can meet the needs of users.
  • The structure is compact, the machine is rigid, and the equipment rotor has a large moment of inertia.
  • The granite jaw crusher for sale adopts high chromium plate, which is anti-impact, anti-wear and high impact force.
granite jaw crusher machine
granite jaw crusher
granite jaw crusher
granite jaw crusher machine

Model Max. opening size (mm) Max. feeding size (mm) Output range (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (t) Overall dimension (mm)
PE150*250 150*250 125 10-40 0.96-4.8 5.5 0.81 950*760*890
PE250*400 250*400 210 20-80 5-21 15 2.8 1400*1315*1380
PE400*600 400*600 340 40-100 16-64 30 6.5 1650*1732*1700
PE500*750 500*750 425 50-100 45.6-100 55 10.3 2250*1900*2150
PE600*900 600*900 500 65-160 48-120 75 15.5 2520*1840*2400
PE750*1060 750*1060 630 80-140 51-208 110 25.1 2800*2450*3050
PE870*1060 870*1060 660 200-260 288-384 110 28.7 2920*2450*3050
PE900*1200 900*1200 750 100-200 144-304 160 43.3 3875*3000*3200
PE1000*1200 1000*1200 850 195-265 315-342 160 50.6 3980*3000*3200
PE1200*1500 1200*1500 1000 150-350 300-800 220 78.14 4800*3200*4200
PEX250*750 250*750 210 25-60 12.8-35.2 22 4.9 1650*1680*1450
PEX250*1000 250*1000 210 25-60 16-51.2 37/30 6.5 1600*1992*1480
PEX250*1200 250*1200 210 25-60 20-60 37 7.7 1700*2190*1550
PEX300*1300 300*1300 250 20-90 16-104 75 11 2150*2320*1820

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Granite cone crusher

Granite cone crusher has a widely range of application in metallurgy, chemical industry, refractory materials, hydropower, urban construction, highway and other industries, mainly for medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks. It is especially suitable for crushing various ores and rocks with medium and above medium hardness. Processing granite with a cone machine has many advantages:

  • Low production cost. The granite cone machine is suitable for processing hard rock materials such as granite. The wearing parts consist of wear-resistant materials, which are durable and have a long replacement cycle, with little production loss.
  • Large production capacity and high crushing efficiency. Due to the high hardness, other crushing equipment will reduce the output and efficiency when crushing granite. The cone crusher crushes granite with an hourly capacity of more than 2,000 tons, with large output and high efficiency.
  • Good operation and environmental protection. The new fully automatic control system of the granite cone machine allows workers to edit programs or operate remotely. The sealed structure can effectively avoid water and oil contamination. At the same time, the dust is prevented from spilling, advanced and easy to operate, environmentally friendly and comprehensive.
 compound cone crusher
granite compound cone crusher
granite cone crusher
granite hydraulic cone crusher

Model Cavity Type Stroke(mm) Max. Feeding Size(mm) Discharging Opening Adjusted Scope(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw) Weight(t)
CS1400C-D Coarse 30 235 30-60 210-530 220 25
CS1400Z-D Medium Coarse 30 215 25-50 200-500 220 25
CS1400Z-X Medium Coarse 25 180 22-45 180-475 220 25
CS1400S-X Fine 25 100 19-40 130-260 220 25
CS1200C-D Coarse 22 180 19-50 110-250 132 16
CS1200S-X fine 15 80 16-40 80-180 132 16

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Granite sand making machine

Granite sand making machine is a new generation of VSI crusher, which is an exclusive sand making equipment for granite materials. This equipment has a very good effect on processing granite materials. It has a widely range of application in the fine crushing of various medium-hard solid materials. And it has the advantages of large processing capacity, long service life, simple operation, energy saving and environmental protection.

 sand making machine
granite sand making machine
  • Long service life

There is a material lining in the granite sand making machine, so the wear during the production process is small. The materials will not directly contact the metal components during the processing, which effectively reduces wear and improves the service life of equipment and components.

  • Environmental advantages

The granite sand making machine adopts a sealing device, and the material can realize ingenious air circulation in the machine. This can effectively prevent the entry of dust and eliminate dust pollution, thereby reducing environmental pollution. Its special air self-circulation system greatly reduces the amount of external air exhaust, reduces dust, and is conducive to environmental protection.

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  • Low operating costs

The optimized design of the impact angle of the crushing cavity of the granite sand making machine makes the friction between the material and the wear-resistant parts less, which directly reduces the use cost of the granite crushing equipment.

  • Wear-resistant parts

The hammer head of the granite sand making machine consist of high manganese steel. High manganese steel has very good wear resistance, resistance and toughness. In addition, the frame of the granite crusher machine adopts advanced welding technology, which is more stable and stable.

 sand making machine
granite sand making machine

Model VSI-7611 VSI-8518 VSI-9526 VSI-1140
Capacity (t/h) Cascade and center feeding 120-180 200-260 300-380 450-520
Center feeding 60-90 100-130 150-190 225-260
Feeder Opening size (mm) Soft material ≤35 ≤40 ≤45 ≤50
Hard material ≤30 ≤35 ≤40 ≤45
Rotation speed (r/min) 1700-1890 1520-1690 1360-1510 1180-1310
Power of double motors (kw) 110-150 180-220 264-320 400-440
Overall dimension (mm) 3700×2150×2100 4140×2280×2425 4560×2447×2778 5000×2700×3300
Vibrating sensor Inspection scope: 0.1-20mm/s, it can be adjusted continuously
Thin oil lubrication station Power of double oil pump (kw) 2×0.31
Safety Double oil pumps make sure supply of oil; stop automatically without oil flow or oil pressure; water cooled; heating start the motor in winter
Overall dimension (mm) 820×520×1270
Power of oil-box heater dimension (kw) 2kw

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Instructions of granite crusher machines

Before running the granite crusher machine, the staff needs to do a lot of preparatory work. For example, check the fixation of various parts; at the same time, check whether the lubrication system of the granite crusher for sale is good; make sure that there is no ore or debris at the feed inlet of the granite crushing machine for sale. If there is debris, we must clean up it before starting.

When the staff finishes starting the equipment in the prescribed order, they should pay attention to check whether the machine instrument is normal. When the machine starts normally, it is also necessary to check whether the temperature rise of the machine is normal, whether there is abnormal vibration, and whether there is any blockage. After starting the granite crusher, it is forbidden for the operator to approach the machine equipment, so as to prevent the material from the crushing cavity to pop up and hurt people.

mobile crusher plant
granite mobile crusher plant

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