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Crushing Plant for Sale

The crushing plant for sale produced by Daswell machinery integrates process equipment, such as feeding, crushing, conveying, and screening. Through the optimization of the technological process, the crushing plant has excellent crushing performance for open-pit mining. Through the assembly of different equipment, it can combine into a powerful crushing and screening operation line, so that it would complete the processing operations with multiple requirements. The crusher plants own advanced design, excellent performance, short construction period and high production efficiency. And it has convenient use and maintenance, economical operating costs, stable and reliable work.

crushing plant
crushing plant of Daswell

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The crushing plant for sale has a widely range of use, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity, construction waste treatment and other materials, which often require relocation operations. Especially for mobile materials such as highways, railways, hydropower projects and construction waste. Users can adopt a variety of configurations according to the types and scales of raw materials and the requirements of finished materials.

crusher plant on the work site
crushing plant on the work site
crushing plant
crushing plant on the job site

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How to choose the crushing plant?

According to the recommendation of the professional staff, if you want to buy a good crushing plant for sale, you should make a reasonable choice according to the following points:

  • As we know, only professional crushing plant manufacturer can develop crushing plant equipment that could make users satisfied and assured. The manufacturer’s overall reputation is quite high, and only with strong production strength can we produce high-quality crushing plant equipment. Therefore, when the user selects the crushing machine plant, the strength and basic situation of the manufacturer are the primary considerations.
  • The service life of the crushing plant for sale with excellent quality will be longer. In the process of manufacturing equipment, only when the crushing plant manufacturer pays more attention to the quality of the equipment, can be highly responsible to the users.
  • The crushing plant price is one of the problems that customers often considered in the purchasing process. Reasonable price can improve the market competitiveness and equipment sales volume for manufacturers, but it means money investment for users. Users should choose the crusher machine plant according to their actual needs. Our Daswell machinery owns high-quality equipment and best price, welcome always to buy!
  • Service is also important. Satisfactory service not only reflects the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer, but is also critical to the customer’s purchase and use process. The service includes three links: pre-sale service, in-sale service, and after-sales service. Only when the three links are completed, can the user be completely relieved of all the troubles and worries during the use process.
crushing plant for shipment
crushing plant ready for shipment
crusher plant
crusher plant ready for shipment

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Features of crushing plant for sale

  • The crushing plant for sale has diversified products, compact structure, stable operation, low cost, short installation and commissioning cycles, and convenient and quick civil steel construction.
  • There are three main control methods: wireless remote control and wired remote control, cab operation and optical fiber + 5G remote video remote control.
  • The electrical system is driven by AC 380V and 50HZ machine, which is clean and energy-saving, and has low operating costs.
  • Crushing screening plant could combine flexibly and adaptable according to market conditions.
  • Various crushing plants have a variety of configurations, and users can also choose according to their needs. According to different crushing process requirements, it can be composed of “crushing and then screening”, or it can be composed of “screening and then crushing” process. Crushing and screening can also be used separately.
  • The hydraulic system controls the pressure, oil temperature, and has an alarm indicator.
  • The crushing plant for sale has diversified products, compact structure, stable operation, short production, installation and commissioning period, and convenient civil steel construction.

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Working principle and components of crushing plant

The crushing plant and equipment produced by our company is generally composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, compound cone crusher, belt conveyor, vibrating screen and other machine. The equipment in the crushing plant for sale can be changed according to the actual needs of users. For example, some customers need fine materials, we can also replace the sand making machine. Now that we have a simple understanding of the crushing plant design. How does it work in the process of crushing materials?

First of all, the stone materials enter into the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for the primary crushing. After becoming smaller rock materials, they enter the compound crusher for the secondary crushing. After crushing in the compound crusher, it is necessary to screen processing. If the user needs several fineness of stone, they could choose multi-layer vibrating screen. After screening by vibrating screen. If there are materials that don’t meet the product size requirements, they would transport back to the crusher plant feed hopper through the belt. At last they crushed again until they reach the standard.

crushing plant
crushing plant in our workshop
crushing plant in our workshop
crusher plant in our workshop

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About us

With high quality equipment, affordable price and professional service, we Daswell machinery earned highly praised and recognized by the majority of users. Daswell has become a more popular crushing plant manufacturer in the market. We Daswell machinery has many years of experience in the production of crushing plant equipment. And our production strength has also developed rapidly in this process. We have accumulated rich experience in the production and processing of large-scale equipment. So our crusher plant for sale can create greater productivity potential for customers. At the same time can create more economic returns for customers.

crushing plant
crushing plant in Philippines
crusher plant philippines
crusher plant in Philippines

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Not only the high-quality machine, but also better service we Daswell machinery has. In the pre-sales service, we would accept your consultation. Then determine the business scale according to your needs, and provide the factory construction plan. After customer purchase, we will assist you to accept the crushing plant and equipment. And our after- sales service is satisfactory as well. We will establish customer files to grasp the location, operation status and contact information of the equipment sold. Free to assign professionals to the site to guide customers installation and commissioning.

Welcome to Daswell crushing plant manufacturers and purchase equipment. Daswell crushing plant machine has become an ideal rock crushing equipment on the market. We can help you develop in the field of mining. So that you have greater gains and development space in the industry. Look forward to your visit!

crusher plant
crusher plant in Xichuan
crushing plant in Indonesia
crusher plant in Indonesia

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