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Ball Mill Plant

The ball mill plant is a grinding and classifying system consisting of a bucket elevator, a ball mill, a material bin, a cyclone collector, a deduster, an air blower, a packing machine and so on. This is a new type of energy saving, high efficiency, large output, and high precision grinding production line, which combines superfine ball milling technology and self-distributing micronized powder classification technology.

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Ball mill plant working process

ball mill plant
Daswell ball mill and classifier plant
This ball mill plant system includes crushing, lifting, grinding, classifying, dust removal silo, conveying, packaging, electric control, etc. After rough crushing, the material would transport to the raw material bin by the elevator. And then it enters the ball mill machine through the quantitative feeder. The grinding ball obtains energy due to the rotation of the ball mill to impact, grind and crush the material. The crushed material enters the airflow classifier for classification to realize the separation of coarse and fine powder. The coarse particles back to the ball mill from the lower end of the classifier for crushing again. The cyclone dust collector will collect the qualified fine powder, and sent to the packing machine for packaging by pneumatic conveying or screw conveyor.

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The ball mill for cement plant can connect multiple classifiers in parallel or connect multiple classifiers in series to produce products with multiple particle sizes at the same time. It can be used in series with mixers, modifiers, granulators, etc.

Daswell ball mill plant
parts of Daswell ball mill plant

Ball mill machine

Ball mill machine is the key grinding equipment for grinding materials after crushing. It mainly consists of mill feed arrangement, mill discharge port, cylinder parts, liner parts, motor, reducer and so on. Ball mill in power plant can adapt to various materials and produce continuously. It has large production capacity, and can meet the needs of large-scale production. Ball mill has a large crushing ratio, which can reach more than 300, and it is easy to adjust the fineness of the product.

Daswell ball mill in cement plant also can be designed and selected according to the hardness, grindability, processing particle size and output of mineral materials. What’s more, the shape of the liner and the grinding media are tailor-made for customers based on years of engineering practical experience. According to the purity and whiteness requirements of the product, it will design as a protective type and a common type. The grinding media and lining are made of ceramic materials or alloy wear-resistant materials.

ball mill machine
Daswell ball mill machine
 ball mill machine
Daswell ball mill machine

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Ball mill plant classifier is a kind of airflow classification equipment. The classifier, cyclone collector, deduster and air blower form a set of classification system.

The material enters from the inlet at the lower end of the classifier under the action of the fan. And then it moves to the classification area at high speed with the ascending airflow. Under the action of strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating classification turbine, the coarse and fine materials would separate. The fine particles that meet the specification requirements enter the cyclone separator or dust collector through the gap of the classification wheel blades for collection. The coarse particles entrain the part of the fine particles will  intensively wash by the secondary air to separate the coarse and fine particles. The fine particles rise to the classification zone for secondary classification, and the coarse particles fall to the discharge port for discharge.

Daswell machinery adopts different types of classifiers and classification technologies. Through the adjustment of the classifiers, the products and particle size distribution can meet customer requirements. Using different combinations of single or multiple classifiers to produce products of different finenesses at the same time. The classification efficiency of the multi-rotor classifier can reach 90%.

Daswell classifier
Daswell classifier machine
Daswell classifier
Daswell classifier machine

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Advantages of ball mill plant for sale

Ball mill plant
Ball mill grinding plant
  • The ball mill grinding plant adopts a special design and appropriate proportion of grinding media, so it could achieve the ideal grinding fineness. It has grate type discharging, the discharging is unobstructed, the cylinder does not need to be cooled.
  • Continuously control the feed of the ball mill to ensure the stability of the feed. Even if the feed density changes, the quality can be guaranteed and a higher grinding efficiency can be achieved.
  • Using a single classifier or different combinations of multiple classifiers, products of different finenesses could produce at the same time. Or according to market requirements, product specifications could change at any time, with greater flexibility.
  • The classifier is equipped with a speed sensor and a control system. It also has a control device to measure, evaluate and compensate the wind pressure and air volume and the pressure loss caused by the increase of the filter pressure difference. This ensures product quality and quality stability.
  • The filter has a high dust collection capacity. Therefore, the dust emission of the environmental protection dust collector in the pure air meets the environmental protection standard.
  • The whole ground calcium carbonate ball mill production line adopts an automatic control system. So it could achieve a stable load of the equipment and ensure low energy consumption.

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Ball mill plant for calcium carbonate

As a filler, calcium carbonate is used more and more widely. Calcium carbonate users continue to develop new products. They use cheap calcium carbonate to replace expensive raw materials. At the same time, higher and higher requirements will put forward for calcium carbonate products.

The calcium carbonate classifying and ball mill production line also affected by the filler manufacturer. Due to the mutual promotion between calcium carbonate users and manufacturers, new challenges constantly raise to calcium carbonate production technology and processing equipment. Therefore, calcium carbonate processing technology and equipment are important areas of our scientific research and development.

ball mill production line
DASWELL ball mill production line

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There are two types of calcium carbonate ball mill plant: dry and wet. For the dry processing of calcium carbonate,  we adopt the international standard ball mill + classifier system. According to the requirements of end users, different types of classifiers and classification technologies would adopt. Through the adjustment of the classifier, the product and particle size distribution can not only meet the current needs of users, but also meet the ever-changing market needs.

About Daswell

As a ball mill plant manufacturer, we Daswell machinery proceed from practical experience and follow the principles of market-oriented and user-oriented. Moreover reducing equipment investment and production costs is the concept of project management. Specially designed for user needs. Our system not only has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption and low investment, but also can meet the ever-changing market demand. So as to ensure our user’s good technical position and competitive advantage in international competition.

ball mill grinding plant
Daswell ball mill grinding plant


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