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Ball Mill Machine

Ball mill machine is the key grinding equipment for grinding materials after crushing. It mainly consists of mill feed arrangement, mill discharge port, cylinder parts, liner parts, motor, reducer and so on. Ball mill machine can adapt to various materials and produce continuously. It has large production capacity, and can meet the needs of large-scale production. Ball mill has a large crushing ratio, which can reach more than 300, and it is easy to adjust the fineness of the product.

Daswell ball mill machine
Daswell ball mill grinding plant

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The ball mill machine has a widely application in the field of mineral processing, cement industry, new construction industry, glass ceramics and other production industries. Ball mill machine is a cylindrical device for grinding or mixing materials like: such as calcite, marble, limestone, gypsum, barite, coal ash, slag, silicate products, aluminum ash, lime ash, aluminum powder, refractory materials, fertilizers, glass ceramics and so on.
profile of ball mill machine
profile of the ball mill machine

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Working principle of ball mill machine

The appearance of Daswell ball mill is mainly horizontal. Do you want to know how does a ball mill work? After the motor is started, the cylindrical rotating device is driven by the outer gear or belt to rotate. When the ball mill machine is working, the materials enter the cylinder through the feed arrangement. And when the cylinder of the ball mill rotates, the grinding balls would attach to the lining of the barrel and taken away by the cylinder due to inertia, centrifugal force and friction. When grinding balls brought to a certain height, it would thrown off due to the gravity. The falling grinding ball will crush and grind the materials in the cylinder. At last, The qualified powder material would discharge through the discharge grate to complete the grinding operation.

operation of ball mill
ball mill operation

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Easy maintenance and saving time and cost

The traditional device of the ball mill working has optimized. So the maintenance of the ball mill, reducer and gears produced by Daswell is more convenient and durable. This saves maintenance time and costs.

Good wear resistance and long service life

The ball mill parts adopt advanced wear-resistant materials. The inner lining is removable, and there is a wear-resistant liner in the cylinder, all of which have good wear resistance. Therefore, the wearing parts of the ball mill are not easy to wear, which increases the overall service life of the ball mill mining.

Daswell ball mill
Daswell ball mill machine
 ball mill machine
Daswell ball mill machine

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Large crushing ratio and strong production capacity

The discharge port of the ball mill could adjust, the grinding ratio is large, and the production capacity is strong. This effectively improves the grinding fineness, and the processing capacity increase by about 15%, and the output is high.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Daswell ball mill machines consist of dust and noise reduction equipment and a filtering system. It can control any pollution such as dust and noise within the standard range. Reduce noise and dust pollution, more energy saving and environmental protection.

Various applicable materials, strong adaptability and wide application range

Ball mill machine can grind more than 100 kinds of minerals such as ceramics, cement, ore, and iron ore. According to the material and the discharging method, users could select dry ball mill or wet ball mill, which has a wide range of applications.

ball mill
ball mill machine
ball mill
ball mill machine

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How to make the ball mill reduce consumption and increase production

The quality of the grinding products of the ball mill is particularly important, and it must meet the requirements of the beneficiation operation. In order to meet the requirements, the operator of the ball mill must not only know the routine operation and maintenance procedures of the ball mill, but also need to master the following points:

  • Control ball mill feed size

The ball mill particle size has a great influence on the productivity and energy consumption of the ball mill. Generally, under the specified grinding fineness, the finer the feed size, the higher the production capacity of the ball mill and the lower the energy consumption. Therefore, in the ball mill production line, it is usually recommended to add a primary crushing process before the ball mill, such as jaw crusher and cone crusher. This improves the grinding effect of the entire ball mill production line.

  • Control the amount of grinding ball loading

For the newly installed or overhauled steel ball mill crusher, there will be the problem of ball loading. Through the test to determine the ball mill load and load ball size. According to the theoretical date, when the ball mill size and speed are constant, and the filling rate less than 50%. The production capacity of cement ball mill will increase of filling rate.

ball mill
ball mill ready to transport
ball mill
ball mill machine ready to transport

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  • Control the grinding ball size

Generally, the ball diameter of a ball mill depends on multiple factors such as the particle size, hardness, density of the grinding material, the diameter of the ball mill, and the speed. In actual production, it is mainly determined based on the particle size composition of the material in the ball mill equipment.

The feed size of the ball mill for sale is different. When processing hard or coarse-grained materials, the machine needs a greater impact. So it is necessary to add large-sized steel balls. When processing soft or fine-grained materials, grinding is required. Mainly, ball mill balls for sale of smaller size should be added.

Ball Mill and Classifying Production Line

As an important filler, calcium carbonate powder has more and more applications. Therefore, the processing technology and equipment of calcium carbonate powder is the focus of our scientific research and development. Based on ball mill principle, we developed a lot. For the dry processing of calcium carbonate, we usually adopt the ball mill + classifier system of international standard configuration, which has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, large output and high classification accuracy.

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The ball mill grinder system includes crushing, lifting, grinding, grading, dust removal silo, conveying, packaging, electric control, etc. After the material is roughly broken, it is transported to the raw material bin by the elevator, and enters the ball mill through the feeder. The grinding ball obtains energy due to the rotation of the industrial ball mill to impact, grind and crush the material. Then, the crushed material enters the airflow classifier for classification to achieve coarse and fine separation. The coarse particles would return to the ball mill grinding to crushed again, and the cyclone collects the qualified products. Then sent them to the packaging system for packaging by pneumatic conveying or screw conveyor.

 ball mill plant
Daswell ball mill plant

The ball mill can connect multiple classifiers in parallel or connect multiple classifiers in series. This grinding and classifying production line can produces products with multiple particle sizes at the same time.

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