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Five Kinds of Sand Washer


Sand washing machine is a kind of washing equipment for sand and gravel, which can make the sand cleaner and higher quality. It is widely used in sand and gravel fields, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing station and other industries. At present, there are various models of sand washing machines on the domestic market. The common ones are: spiral sand washer, wheel sand washer, drum sand washer, vibration sand washer, bucket sand washer, etc.

Spiral sand washer

The spiral sand washing machine uses the buoyancy of water to separate dust and impurities from the sand and gravel. After the sand and gravel pass through the stirring screw blade, the purpose of filtering water to remove impurities is achieved. The rotor of the motor adopts a central structure, and the helical blades are installed on the central shaft. The reducer is connected to the central shaft to work, and the principle is that the specific gravity of solid particles is different. Therefore, the settling rate of sand and gravel in liquid is also different. The equipment has three functions of cleaning, dehydration and classification.

Spiral sand washer
Spiral sand washer

Bucket wheel sand washer

The bucket wheel sand washing machine has the advantages of convenient maintenance, large processing capacity, low power consumption and high cleaning degree. The machine adopts a novel sealing structure. There is also a fully enclosed oil bath transmission and an adjustable overflow weir. This can ensure that the series of products are efficient, durable, and have good cleaning and dewatering effects.

bucket wheel sand washing machine

Drum sand washer

drum sand washing machine

The motor drives the reducer, and the large and small gears drive the cleaning cylinder to rotate at a low speed. Aggregates containing mud and stone powder are fed from the feed port. The aggregate enters the rotating drum, is continuously lifted and dropped, and washed with washing water. The cleaned aggregate is screened and dehydrated at the discharge end and discharged. Wastewater containing sludge flows out through the discharge port.

The drum sand washing machine has a large production volume, and its water demand is also very large.

Vibrating sand washer

The machine consists of the upper eccentric block, circular vibration, motor and other structures. The motor is connected to the screen box to vibrate to work, and then it is automatically separated and cleaned.

The vibrating sand washing machine is mainly aimed at the construction of highways, railways, bridges, tunnels and other high-standard projects. It is a special equipment for cleaning sand and gravel, and is suitable for the washing of fine-grained and coarse-grained materials. But it is a relatively rare professional equipment with high output and low water consumption but relatively high price.

vibrating sand washer

Bucket Sand Washer

The front end of the bucket sand washer is a sand storage tank. When the water is completely submerged in the sand, the water and sand are mixed by the operation of the bucket. During the mixing process, the sand will be deposited in a large proportion, and the soil and impurities with a small specific gravity will be carried away by the water flow and flow out as waste water. While the bucket is stirring, the sand at the bottom is lifted, and the muddy water is controlled through the water control hole. It is then transported out through a conveyor belt to form a material pile.

The bucket sand washing machine has reasonable structure, flexible assembly, high output and significant water saving.

bucket sand washing machine

To sum up, among the 5 kinds of sand washing equipment, wheel sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine are the most widely used, accounting for about 80%-85% of the market. And they all have double wheel and double helix structure, which doubles the output.

The sand washing machine has become an important equipment in the current sand and gravel production. Do you have any questions about choosing the sand washing equipment encountered in production? Welcome to leave a message for consultation! Professional staffs from Daswell Machinery will reply to you in ona day! 

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