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Five Kinds of Granite Crusher

There are some hard rocks that are more difficult to crush or have higher crushing costs, such as granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc. Be careful when choosing crushing equipment for this type of hard rock. This article takes granite as an example.

In addition to choosing the right manufacturer, we also need to choose the right granite crusher machine. For example, hard rock is not suitable for impact crusher, hammer crusher, etc. In order to avoid the frequent replacement of subsequent wear parts to delay production and increase costs. What equipment is suitable for crushing granite? Please read this article.


Granite Crusher can be divided into three categories according to the particle size of feed and product:

  • Coarse crusher: from 1500~500mm to 350~100mm;
  • Medium crusher: from 350~100mm to 100~40mm;
  • Fine crusher: from 100~40mm to 30~10mm.

Below we will introduce the commonly used crushing equipment at each stage according to coarse, medium and fine crushing.

Coarse crushing stage

1. Jaw crusher

Jaw crushers are the most commonly used primary crushers. Not only hard rocks such as granite, but basically the coarse crushing of ore is done with jaw crusher. The manufacturing process of jaw crusher in China is also relatively mature, so it is widely used in the field of coarse crushing.


Simple and stable structure, light weight, low price and various models. Small overall size, large feeding port size, easy maintenance and economical operating costs.


The liner is easy to wear and the content of needle flakes in the product is high. Generally it needs to configure feeding equipment.

Pe jaw crusher
PE jaw granite crusher

2. Gyratory Crusher

Gyratory crusher and jaw crusher are two types of commonly used rough crushing equipment. Gyratory crusher is often used to crush materials of various hardness, but it is not suitable for crushing viscous ores.


Compared with jaw crusher, gyratory crusher is continuous crushing. Its outstanding advantages are high production capacity and large crushing ratio. It can be filled with ore, and can be directly fed without a feeder.


Complex structure, high fuselage and large volume. It requires a higher workshop and requires a large investment in infrastructure construction. Machines are bulky, inconvenient to handle, and expensive.

Gyratory granite crusher

Medium and fine crushing stage

3. Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is the most commonly used product in the fine crushing stage of hard rock crushing. Its wear resistance is good, and there are many models, such as spring type, single-cylinder hydraulic, multi-cylinder hydraulic, inertia cone crusher and so on. However, cone crushers are also not suitable for crushing wet and sticky ores.


Large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, less dust, and uniform product particle size. The work is stable, the failure rate is low, and it is not easy to be crushed.


The structure and maintenance are more complicated, the body is high, and the price is expensive.

cone granite crusher
Daswell cone crusher

4. Fine jaw crusher

The structure and principle of fine jaw crusher and jaw crusher are similar. Almost all kinds of materials can be satisfied.

jaw granite crusher
fine granite jaw crusher
Pe jaw crusher

Fine shaping stage

5. Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

If the customer has the requirement of sand making, the cone crusher and the fine jaw crusher can also be used in the re-grinding stage. If there are strict requirements on the product grain shape, a sand making and shaping machine is generally configured in the follow-up.

The vertical shaft impact sand making machine can choose different crushing cavity types of “stone-on-stone” or “stone-on-iron”. For granite, the hardness is relatively high, and it is not suitable to choose the cavity type of “stone hitting iron”. Because the peripheral guard plate is easy to wear, the replacement is frequent, and the cost of accessories is high.


It has the function of shaping, the product is cubic, and the bulk density is high. It is the most widely used sand making and shaping equipment in the market.


Complex maintenance and high cost. Generally, the feed particle size of hard rock should not be larger than 45-50mm.

VSI crusher

There are five kinds of granite crusher for your choice. If you are interested in Daswell hard rock crushers, please send us a message to get more information and quote. Thank you.

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