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Single-cylinder cone crushers Vs multi-cylinder cone crushers

Cone crusher is a secondary crushing processing equipment. It is mainly used for medium crushing in crushing and sand making production lines. The types of cone crushers produced by Daswell are relatively complete. There are single-cylinder cone crushers, multi-cylinder cone crushers, full hydraulic cone crushers, compound cone crushers and spring cone crushers to choose from.

What is the difference between single-cylinder cone crushers and multi-cylinder cone crushers? There are six aspects to show us.


Single-cylinder cone crusher is an advanced crushing equipment. It integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, intelligent control and other technologies. Through the design structure of the single cylinder at the bottom, the single-cylinder cone crusher has completed the three important functions of directly adjusting the discharge port, preventing the iron from exceeding the standard and cleaning the cavity. It can be widely used in medium crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing operations.

Multi-cylinder cone crusher is a new type of crusher developed on the basis of single-cylinder cone crusher. It is a fixed shaft structure design, with large crushing force, low energy consumption, and low investment in equipment foundation. The multi-cylinder hydraulic has a special crushing cavity design, and the production capacity is greatly improved. The semi-automatic hydraulic adjustment of the discharge port can effectively control the particle size of the stone.

Crushing force parts

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The single-cylinder cone crusher is similar to the spring cone crusher, and the main shaft and the moving cone are combined together. Therefore, the main shaft and the moving cone are supported by the base, and the eccentric sleeve drives the main shaft to provide crushing force.

The main shaft of the multi-cylinder cone crusher is thick and short, and its diameter can be designed to be large, standing directly on the frame (not in the eccentric sleeve). It is directly supported by the frame and provides a high bearing capacity. The eccentric sleeve directly drives the moving cone to provide crushing force.

Crushing effect

The single-cylinder cone crushers have good medium crushing effect and large passing capacity.

The multi-cylinder cone crushers have better fine crushing effect and high content of fine-grained materials.

Applicable materials

When crushing soft ores and weathered ores, the single-cylinder cone crusher can achieve larger throughput.

When crushing medium-hard and high-hard ores, the performance of multi-cylinder cone crusher is more prominent.

In general, the harder the hardness, the greater the difference between the two.

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The single-cylinder cone crusher has a simple structure, low failure rate, low production cost and more stable operation.

All parts of the multi-cylinder cone crusher can be disassembled and maintained from the top or side, which is more convenient for daily replacement.

In fact, both multi-cylinder cone crushers and single-cylinder cone crushers belong to high-performance crushers. Compared with single-cylinder, multi-cylinder tapered skins are more advantageous in terms of structural performance and maintenance, but the price will be relatively high.

When users purchase equipment, they can determine the above factors and their own needs. If you have other questions, you can consult us Daswell  for more details.

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