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Silos in Stone Crushing Plant

In the stone crushing production line, the silos is almost indispensable. It is a very important part, which plays the role of relay, buffer and adjustment in the crushing production line. It is precisely because of the existence of the silos that the crushing equipment can be continuously, uniformly and smoothly unloaded. And the production process can be carried out in an orderly and stable manner.

crushing plant with silo

There are many silos in the sand and gravel production line, and each has its purpose. This article introduces four common silos: raw material silo, transfer silo, buffer silo before cone crusher and product silo.

Raw material silo

The raw material silo is in the shape of a square cone, which is closed around and welded with steel plates. It is generally used before the vibrating feeder. Common raw material silos have single-side feeding and three-side feeding.

raw material silos
raw material silos

Raw material silos are often located above ground. It uses the height difference to provide gravitational potential energy to the raw material. The raw material silo can effectively facilitate the entry of large stones and the advance separation of natural sand. However, it is necessary to use the terrain to form a high material table to facilitate the admission of raw materials.

Another is to build a pit, and the raw materials poured into the pit are transported to the production workshop by a conveyor belt. This form of investment is small and the construction is convenient. However, if there are stones that are too large or too sharp, the belt may be damaged, thus affecting the entire production schedule.

Transfer silo

The transfer silo is made of steel structure or reinforced concrete. After the crusher, it is generally used to store the output of the jaw crusher. After the material is transferred, it will enter the secondary crushing link. Sometimes limited by the site, coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing are all together, and a transfer silo needs to be set up. The size of the silo should generally be suitable for stacking the aggregate for the crushing equipment to run for 2 to 3 hours.

transfer silos

Buffer silo

The function of the buffer silos are mainly to buffer the feed of the crusher, such as before the cone crusher. The cone crusher requires that the feeding state is full, which can form an effective material layer protection. This can protect the rolling mortar wall, and at the same time play the role of lamination breakage. And having a buffer silo can ensure that there is a buffer time in the event of emergency shutdown.

In addition, when there are multiple pieces of equipment in a crushing link, there is no need to put many belts. Instead, it is evenly distributed to the equipment under all the silos through one silo.

buffer silo
buffer silo

Product silo

The styles of product silos are mostly rectangular workshops. It uses high concrete partition walls to separate the different product rooms. Some companies also use steel plates to store sand and gravel. It is necessary to regularly check the wear of the steel plate library and carry out wear-resistant treatment.

 The product is sent to the corresponding product room through the belt conveyor to achieve the purpose of grading the product. In addition, the hardening space of the product bin for charging should be enlarged as much as possible. In order to facilitate the loading operation, at the same time leave enough buffer area for the stacking area.

product silos in production line

The above four kinds of silos are more common in the crushed stone production line. For production lines with different capacities and designs, specific silos may be configured according to actual conditions. If you’re interested, please tell us your requirements of the silos. We Daswell company will design the crushing production line according to your needs.

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