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Operation and Maintenance of Jaw Crusher

At present, jaw crushers are widely used in primary and secondary crushing in mining, metallurgy, construction and other industries, and can achieve industrial crushing of materials with compressive strength less than 320MPa.

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The jaw crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high output, simple structure, uniform crushing particle size and simple operation and maintenance. The working characteristics and nature of the jaw crusher determine that the wear and tear of the jaw crusher is relatively large, and the key vulnerable parts need to be replaced regularly. Operation and maintenance are essential.

Operation and use

The jaw crusher has high working intensity, harsh environment and cumbersome vibration. In the daily production process, equipment failure or personnel injury often occur due to improper operation. Therefore, the correct operation of the jaw crusher is one of the important conditions to ensure the working efficiency.

mining production line operation and maintenance

Before starting the jaw crusher, it is necessary to check whether the fastening bolts and other connecting parts of the main parts of the equipment are intact and loose. Check that the lubrication system of the equipment is functioning properly. In particular, it is necessary to check whether there are large pieces of material between the movable and static jaws of the jaw crusher. Prevent large-sized materials from directly blocking the equipment.

After starting the jaw crusher in sequence, it is necessary to adjust the current to ensure that the material flow at the feed port of the crusher is uniform and the particle size is appropriate. Materials larger than the feed opening cannot appear. Regularly pay attention to the bearing temperature to prevent the temperature from rising too high. If the equipment trips on its own, it is necessary to find out the cause before it can be restarted. If the crusher breaks down or hurts people during operation, it should be stopped immediately.

After the jaw crusher is stopped in sequence according to the process requirements, the auxiliary systems such as the lubrication system of the equipment can be stopped. Do a good job of sanitation and inspection of the surrounding environment of the equipment. Especially in the event of a power failure, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the materials between the moving and static jaws should be cleaned.

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Maintenance and repair

According to the degree of maintenance, the maintenance of jaw crusher can be divided into three types. Among them, medium and minor repairs with little maintenance degree are the main methods of daily production maintenance. Overhaul is regularly formulated and implemented to ensure that the jaw crushing equipment can continue to meet production requirements.

crusher machine operation and maintenance

Minor maintenance is mainly to check the corresponding adjustment devices such as gaskets and springs of the jaw crusher. Secondly, adjust the feeding port between the movable and fixed jaws, and replace the damaged wear-resistant lining plate and belt. There are also re-lubricating rotating parts, cleaning or cleaning individual parts.

The medium maintenance includes minor repairs, and at the same time, it is necessary to replace the damaged parts such as the thrust rod, the bushing of the eccentric shaft, and the tie rod. In addition, the bearing bushes (such as connecting rod head bearing bushes and power bearing bushes) should be treated accordingly.

Overhaul include minor repairs and medium repairs. In addition, key components such as eccentric shaft and jaw plate need to be replaced or repaired. Finally, the technical upgrade of the jaw crusher is carried out.

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In the using process, users should pay attention to the working condition of jaw crushers. Usually, the jaw crusher is the primary equipment of the mining production line, Its good operation will bring stable and beneficial benefits to the production line. If you want to get more details and price about the Daswell jaw crusher, Please leave a message to us. We will reply to you in one day.

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