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The Difference Between Mobile and Stationary Crushing Plants

There are two types of crushing plants: stationary crushing plants and mobile crushing plants, each of which has its own merits.

Crushing equipment is inseparable from mining, highway, high-speed rail, construction and other industries. The crushing plant crushes materials into sand and gravel aggregates to meet the needs of various industries. For sand and gravel processing plants, how to choose the crushing plant, stationary or mobile crushing plants?

stationary crushing plant

The following is an analysis of the difference between stationary crushing plant and mobile crushing plant.

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The difference of crushing plants in the workplace

In the sand and gravel processing plant, the stationary crushing plants are suitable for the field with wide terrain and fixed site. Once the production line of the stationary crushing plant is established, the garbage can only be transported to its designated location before processing. However, the daily waste treatment capacity of the stationary crushing plant is not comparable to that of the mobile crushing plant.

The mobile crushing plants are suitable for the fields where the work site is not fixed and the stone needs to be transported. It can be moved to the location of construction waste for crushing. Mobile crushing plant has the characteristics of strong mobility, flexibility and convenience.

mobile crushing machine

The difference in the working form

200th crusher plant

In the mobile crushing plant, one machine is equal to a set of production lines, which integrates feeding, crushing, screening and conveying.

The stationary crushing plants need to be equipped with a crushed stone production line. Generally coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing plus auxiliary equipment such as feeders, conveyors, and screening machines.

mobile crusher plant

The difference in working conditions

The stationary crushing plants can only be operated in a fixed manner. What’s more, their requirements for the site are relatively high. It is necessary to choose a safe area that is strong and not prone to natural disasters.

The mobile crushing plants have two types of vehicle-mounted walking devices, crawler type and tire type, which can move freely, adapt to various terrains, and can freely transition.

The difference in investment cost

The investment in a stationary crushing plant includes the long-term lease or purchase of the site, as well as a complete set of crushed stone processing equipment. And there are material transportation and labor management costs.

The mobile crushing plant can effectively save the cost of material transportation and long-term rental of the site. The initial investment cost is high, and from the perspective of long-term investment benefits, it is cost-effective.

stationary crusher plant

The difference of crushing plants in operating costs

  • Power consumption: The installed capacity of the stationary and the mobile crushing plants are both 500kW, and the power consumption is the same.
  • Labor: the stationary crushing plant is operated by 5 people per shift, and the mobile crushing plant is operated by 2 people per shift.
  • The wearing parts of the crushing equipment are the same.

The stationary crushing plant requires 2 forklifts, one for feeding the raw material silo, and one for loading the powder ore. The mobile crushing plant needs 1 excavator to feed the ore and 1 forklift to load the fine ore. The mobile crushing plant uses one more excavator to feed the material, but one less forklift, and there are 3 fewer operators per shift than the stationary crushing plant. After the actual calculation, the cost of the two is similar.

In general, mobile and stationary crushing plants have their own advantages, users should choose reasonably according to the production situation. If you are interested, please contact us Daswell, we are a professional crushing plant manufacturer. It’s glad to provide you with consulting services.

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