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How to choose a crusher

As the first-line equipment for crushing in the industrial field, the crusher is very important to the entire production line. For investors engaged in the mining crushing industry, how should we choose a crusher?

When selecting a crusher, the type, hardness, particle size of input and output materials, output and construction site of the crushed materials should be fully considered.

Hardness of the material

Different kinds of materials have different hardness. In general, the greater the hardness, the higher the crushing difficulty coefficient. For crushing hard or medium-hard stones, We can choose jaw crusher equipment as the primary crushing equipment. When crushing medium hard or soft stone, we can directly cone crusher, impact crusher or hammer crusher.

Humidity of the material

The moisture content of the material will also affect the choice of the crusher. When the moisture content is too high, the fine-grained material will agglomerate or stick to the coarse-grained material. Therefore, the viscosity of the material is increased, the discharge speed is reduced, and the productivity is decreased. In severe cases, it may even cause blockage of the discharge port, affecting the normal production.

jaw crusher

The degree of cleavage of the ore

The degree of cleavage of the ore directly affects the productivity of the crusher. When the ore is broken, it is easy to break along the cleavage plane. Therefore, the crushing productivity of the ore with high cleavage is much higher than that of the ore with dense crushing structure.

Output and input particle size

The input and output particle size are used to judge the type and crushing level of the required crushing equipment.

If the content of coarse particles (greater than the size of the discharge port) in the crushed material is high, or the ratio of the largest block of ore to the width of the feeding port is large, the crusher needs to achieve a large crushing ratio, so the productivity is reduced.

When the content of fine particles (close to or smaller than the size of the discharge port) of the crushed material is large, or the ratio of the maximum size of the feed to the width of the feeding port is small, the crushing ratio to be achieved is small, so the productivity is correspondingly improved.

If the feed particle size is large and the output particle size is small, the production line would need the secondary crushing or multi-stage crushing. If the particle size of the stone material is small, multi-stage crushing is generally not required.

Output requirement

cone crusher machine

The output requirement is an important indicator to determine the crushing equipment. The higher the output requirements, the larger the required crushing equipment specifications, and the corresponding input and output will increase.

Construction site

The specific situation of the construction site is the most direct factor affecting the selection of crusher equipment. For example, the size of the construction site, the specific placement of the crushing equipment, etc.

impact crusher

Manufacturer of crusher

VSI crusher

It is very important for users to inspect all aspects of the manufacturer when purchasing a crusher. Such as the production scale of the manufacturer, the quality of the equipment and the after-sales service.

The previous seven points are the conditions that we should consider when purchasing a crusher. If you want to get more detailed service, please contact us Daswell. There will be professional staff to serve you.

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