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Four factors affecting ball mill efficiency

Ball mill is a common and earlier grinding equipment, mainly used for grinding slag, calcium carbonate powder, cement, ceramics and other industrial waste residues.

Ball mills are widely used in the calcium carbonate industry, but in the process of using ball mills, there will be instability. It may affect the product quality and reduce the grinding efficiency of the ball mill. This article we discuss the four main factors that affect ball milling efficiency.

ball mill plant
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The rotational speed is an important parameter that directly affects the grinding efficiency of the ball mill. When the rotation rate is too low, the impact on the material is small. Which will cause the fineness to be substandard, thus affecting the grinding efficiency. When the rotation rate is too high, the impact energy of the grinding ball increases, but the number of cycles decreases, which also affects the grinding efficiency.

Grinding media

As the main grinding medium of the ball mill, steel balls should not only control the amount of steel balls added, but also control their ratio. If the amount of steel balls added is not appropriate, and the ball diameter and ratio are unreasonable, the grinding efficiency will be reduced.

grinding bar

In the grinding process, the larger the ball diameter, the larger the impact wear and the smaller the grinding wear. The ball diameter is small, the impact wear is small, and the grinding wear is large. When the ball diameter is too large, the number of loaded grinding balls is reduced. While the grinding area of the ball mill is small, and the wear of the lining plate and the consumption of the balls will increase. If the ball diameter is too small, the buffering effect of the material will increase, and the impact grinding effect will be weakened.

Liner material

The wear-resistant liner ball mill liner can not only reduce the damage of the mill cylinder, but also transmit energy to the grinding media. Choosing a high-quality wear-resistant liner can reduce barrel damage and improve grinding efficiency. The lining material requires high hardness and toughness. Its hardness should not be lower than the hardness of the material to be crushed.

ball mill liner plate

Material to water ratio

The ratio of material to water also has a certain influence on the efficiency of the wet ball mill. If the ratio of material to water is too large, the slurry is too viscous. And the viscous slurry has a retention effect on the grinding medium, which slows down the rotation speed and reduces the efficiency of ball milling.

If the ratio of material to water is too small, the slurry is too thin, which will lead to the direct impact of the grinding medium and increase the wear and tear of the grinding body. The spray drying process also increases evaporation. It not only wastes fuel, but also reduces the powder yield per unit time of spray drying and reduces the output.

Usually, for materials with more plastic raw materials, the value of material-water ratio is smaller. For materials with more molten raw materials, the value of the material-water ratio is larger.

Users of ball mills can effectively improve the grinding efficiency by improving the rotation rate of the ball mill, the ratio of grinding media steel balls, the material of the lining plate, and the ratio of materials to water.

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