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Construction waste crushing machine

Scrap steel bars, scrap iron wires and other metals separated from construction waste can be processed into various specifications of steel, such as bricks, stones, concrete and other waste materials. After being crushed, it can replace sand, and can also be used to make paving bricks, checker bricks and other building materials.

mobile crushing plant

Such materials have the outstanding advantages of high construction waste recycling rate, low production cost, wide application range, and good environmental and economic benefits. Construction waste crushing machine is equipment for processing construction waste. Some construction waste crushing machines will introduce below.

Type of construction waste crushing machine

According to whether there are mobile carriers, construction waste can be divided into stationary construction waste crushing plants and mobile construction waste crushing plants. The stationary construction waste crushing plant has the characteristics of high output and low equipment cost.

mobile crusher plant

However, the mobile construction waste crushing plant caters to the changing characteristics of construction waste operation sites. It is easy to quickly replace and put into production, reducing the cost of material transportation. The mobile crushing plant is currently the commonly used crushing machine during the construction waste treatment period, but the equipment cost is expensive and the purchase cost is high.

Main functions and features

The mobile construction waste crushing plant has only one drive device, which is generally our commonly used stationary crushing machine. There are jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, etc., each with different performance characteristics.

Construction waste jaw crusher equipment is mainly used for the initial crushing of construction waste with strong compression resistance and strong adaptability. Cone type, impact type and hammer type construction waste crushing equipment are often used for medium crushing of construction waste.

mobile crusher plant
mobile crusher plant

Compared with the wear-resistant parts of cone-type and impact-type crushers, hammer-type crushers are severely worn. Impact-type construction waste crushing equipment is mainly used for crushing and forming materials. Its characteristics are that the materials are crushed by stones, and the grinding is small and the use time is long.

Precautions for the selection of construction waste crusher

Whether you are using mobile or stationary construction waste crushing equipment, you need to choose a suitable crusher. Due to the complex composition of construction waste, it may contain materials that are difficult to break, such as metals.

Therefore, when purchasing construction waste crushing machines with strong compression resistance, wide application range and strong adaptability are required, such as jaw crushing equipment and cone crushing equipment. However, when using broken construction waste, an iron separator should be installed to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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