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How to solve the blockage of jaw crusher discharge port

In the crushing production line, the blockage of the jaw crusher’s discharge port is a small fault. However, it would affect the performance of the crusher and affect the follow-up process of the entire production line. If you understand the following, you can get more benefits from jaw crusher.

Before understanding the cause of jaw crusher discharge port blockage, we need to be familiar with the structure and working principle of jaw crusher. In order to better operate and maintain the machine.

Components of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame, eccentric shaft and bearing, main shaft, belt pulley, toggle plate, fixed and movable jaw plate and other components. The working mode of the jaw crusher is driven and squeezed, and the material is squeezed and crushed in the crushing cavity composed of the movable jaw and the fixed jaw.

How does the jaw crusher work?

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When the jaw crusher starts to work, firstly, the raw material is evenly fed into the inlet above the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder. Inside the machine, a crushing cavity is formed by the fixed jaw plate fixed on one side of the crushing cavity and the movable jaw plate on the opposite side. Stone materials will fall into this crushing cavity. The motor outside the machine drives the pulley to make the connected eccentric shaft move back and forth. The eccentric shaft will drive the movable jaw to move up and down.

When the movable jaw rises, it will approach the fixed jaw plate, the crushing cavity will become smaller, and the stone material inside will be crushed. When the movable jaw plate is downward, the movable jaw plate leaves the fixed jaw plate, and the broken materials fall. Crushed stones smaller than the size of the discharge port will be discharged.

Causes of discharge port blockage

So what are the main reasons for the blockage of the jaw crusher discharge port? How to avoid material blockage during normal maintenance?

① When the jaw crushing equipment is running, it crushes the material through the touring movement between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw. When the moving jaw is far away from the fixed jaw, it is the process of discharging. Once the material falls slowly in this process, a large amount of material is blocked in the crushing cavity, which will cause the jaw crusher’s discharge port to be blocked.

② The main transmission mode of the jaw crusher is to drive the flywheel to rotate at a high speed through a V-belt. In order to be able to drive the pulley, two conditions must be met: first, the motor has sufficient power; second: the V-belt is strong enough.

V-belts are generally prone to failure. When the V-belt is broken, a large amount of stone materials will not be crushed in the crushing cavity, and then blocked in the crushing cavity. The stone material can’t be discharged, forming a blockage.

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③ Another easy cause of blockage is the loosening of the fastening bush of the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher. When the eccentric shaft bushing becomes loose, it will cause the eccentric shaft to be stuck. When the eccentric shaft cannot rotate, the movable jaw cannot continue to rotate. Eventually, the discharge port was blocked and the material could not come down.

④ The motor of the jaw crusher needs a certain voltage to be able to work normally. If the voltage is too low when the jaw crusher is running, there will be insufficient power to drive the equipment to crush materials. In this case, a large amount of stone materials will be blocked in the crushing cavity, resulting in material blocking and shutdown.

⑤ The main bearing of the jaw crusher is the main power component that bears the crushing material of the equipment. If the main bearing fails, it will seriously affect the production performance of the jaw crusher. Eventually, the discharge port of the jaw crushing equipment was blocked.

How to prevent the blockage of the discharge port

  • Ensure that the hardness of the material is within the tolerance range of the jaw crusher.
  • Prevent non-crushable objects from entering the crushing cavity.
  • Screen the large particle size materials in advance, and only allow the materials that meet the feed size to enter.
  • Enlarge the discharge opening without affecting the fineness.
  • The jaw angle of the discharge port should not be parallel.
  • Control the moisture content of the material and avoid sticking on the jaw plate.
  • Frequently clean up debris in the crushing cavity and add lubricating oil to enhance the lubricity of the parts.
  • Strictly follow the operating instructions, and the operators must undergo strict training before they can go to work after they are qualified.
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Adjustment methods of jaw crusher discharge port

According to the different types of equipment, there are basically the following three ways to adjust the discharge port of jaw crushing machine:

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Hydraulic adjustment: the rear thrust plate is used as the safety device of the crusher. The jaw crusher adopts a hydraulic safety device, which is reliable and safe, and easy to remove faults.

Supporting device adjustment: In the bearing part of jaw crusher, the sliding bearing with Babbitt alloy cast is generally used. It can withstand larger impact loads and is more wear-resistant. However, forced lubrication is required.

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Gasket adjustment: use the lifting bolt to open the adjustment seat, and put or remove a set of gaskets of equal thickness between the rear thrust plate support and the rear wall of the frame. By increasing or decreasing the number of gasket layers, the discharge opening of the crusher can be reduced or enlarged.

If users do a good job in the daily maintenance of jaw crusher, regular inspections, and eliminate hidden dangers, failures will be greatly reduced.

Adjustment methods of jaw crusher discharge port

The correct operation is the basis to ensure the stable production of the jaw crusher, and it is also the prerequisite for the efficient production of the production line. Here are some precautions for the operation of jaw crusher, hoping to help the users of jaw crusher.

Preparation before operation

Before opening the jaw crushing machine, check whether the main components of the jaw crusher and the fastening bolts are loose and the integrity of the safety device. Then check whether the conveying equipment, electrical equipment, and lubricating device are in good condition. Then confirm that there is no large ore in the crushing cavity, and make sure to make preparations before operation.

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Start the jaw crusher and normal operation steps

When starting the jaw crushing machine, it must be driven in accordance with the operating procedures. And pay attention to when starting the main motor. The ammeter on the control cabinet should be reduced to the normal operating current value. Then adjust and control the feeder to ensure that the feed is uniform and the particle size does not exceed the width of the inlet, and the bearing temperature should not be too high. If the electrical equipment automatically trips and the reason is unknown, it is strictly prohibited to force continuous start.

The stopping of the jaw crusher

When stopping the jaw crushing machine, pay attention to the sequence of stopping and starting is just the opposite. And follow the direction of the production process. In addition, the lubrication and cooling system can be stopped only after the crusher has stopped. And the sanitation of various parts and the inspection of the machine can be cleaned up. In the event of a sudden power failure, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the ore in the crushing cavity should be removed.

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The correct installation, operation and maintenance are very important to the jaw crusher, which is conducive to improving the production capacity. After understanding the knowledge about the blockage of the jaw crusher discharge port, I hope to bring you some help. Such as increase the production efficiency, stable operation of the machine, and reduce unnecessary troubles. If you want to know more about the crusher, please bookmark our website, or contact us directly below.

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