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Ball mill production line to Pakistan

In August of this year, we Daswell machinery has sold a ball mill production line to Karachi, Pakistan. After transportation, installation and trial operation, the ball mill production line produced by our company runs well in our customer’s work site. We have received good feedback from our customers, which is our greatest encouragement. It is our duty to satisfy customers.

ball mill plant

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Ball mill machine

Daswell ball mill is a device that performs secondary destruction to make the particles smaller after the raw materials are mined or broken into small pieces. We can understand from its name that the ball mill equip with steel balls in a closed cylinder. Through the rotation of the cylinder, the steel balls fall from a high place and collide with the material, and then crush to achieve the purpose of grinding the material to finer.

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ball mill machine
The ball mill production line mainly apply to the production process of new building materials, cement, refractory materials, non-ferrous metals and glass ceramics. The ball mill has the characteristics of high production efficiency, environmental protection, low grinding cost, and continuous production.

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Ball mill work method

According to different working methods, ball mills are divided into dry ball mills and wet ball mills. Generally, different ball milling methods will use according to different industries and the characteristics of materials.

Dry ball milling directly transports the materials into the mill. And grinds the raw materials by the impact force of the steel balls through the rotation of the mill. It is mainly apply to grind and grind some materials that will react with water, such as cement, marble, etc.,. And dry ball mills are also apply to places that lack water or have high environmental protection requirements.

ball mill part
part of ball mill machine

Wet ball milling is similar to dry ball milling, except that a certain proportion of water or absolute ethanol must add during the grinding process according to different materials. It is mainly apply to materials whose quality will not affect by contact with water. Such as gold, copper, copper and other non-ferrous metal mines.

More information about ball mill please contact us, we Daswell machinery is an experienced ball mill equipment manufacturer.

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