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Roller grinding mill transported to Iran

At the beginning of December, we Daswell machinery has transported the roller grinding mill to our customer from Iran. After friendly communication with our customers, Iranian customers finally chose our Daswell company among many manufacturers. And after a professional quality inspection and testing department, we deliver high-quality grinding roller mill equipment to them. In the subsequent after-sales service, we will provide engineers with remote instructions for customers to install the machine through the network.

roller mill to Iran
Daswell roller grinding mill

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Application materials

It is especially suitable for the crushing and processing of calcium carbonate, barite, talc, gypsum, calcite, limestone, calcium oxide, bentonite, dolomite and other non-metallic minerals.

There are three mainly specifications of fine powder roller mills manufactured by Daswell : DR-21, DR-28, DR-34. The DR-21 has 3 layers and a total of 21 grinding rollers. The DR-28 has 4 layers and a total of 28 grinding rollers. And the DR-34 has 4 layers and a total of 34 grinding rollers.

roller mill
roller mill plant

Model DR-21 DR-28 DR-34
Roller number (pcs) 21 28 34
Feed size (mm) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10
Feed material moisture (%) ≤3% ≤3% ≤3%
Fineness (μm) 3.5-45μm 5-50μm 5-50μm
Output (kg) 500-4000 800-7000 1700-12000
Installed power (kw) Main motor 75 132 185-200
Classifier 18.5-22 30 55-75
Blower 45-55 55-75 132
Feeder 1.5-3 1.5-3 3
Discharge screw 3 3 3-6
Compressed air used (m3) 1.53-23 23 23

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Advantage of Daswell grinding roller mill

  • Large output: When the calcium carbonate is crushed, the fineness is D97, and the output can reach more than 1 ton per hour at 10μm.
  • Built-in grading system, the product can be adjusted arbitrarily between 5-45 microns.
  • Environmental protection and pollution-free. The whole set of equipment adopts negative pressure production and high-efficiency off-line dust collector, and the dust collection efficiency is as high as 99.9%. The operation is stable and there is no dust leakage problem.
  • In addition, the main engine and the fan are respectively equipped with a silencing room and a silencer to reduce production noise.
  • The control cabinet is installed with automatic control. Avoid human factors, ensure the stability of product quality and extend the service life of the equipment. Reduce operators and reduce production costs.

Roller grinding mill
roller mill

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