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Choose the hammer head of crusher

The hammer head of crusher is an important part. The high-quality wear-resistant hammer head is the basis to ensure the normal operation of the crusher. The life of the hammer head depends on the quality of the hammer head and the characteristics of the crushed material, which also determines the working efficiency of the crusher.

hammer crusher
Daswell hammer crusher

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Material of hammer head

Common hammer head materials in the mining machinery industry mainly include the following types: high manganese steel, medium manganese steel, high chromium cast iron, and low carbon alloy steel.

The hammer head is one of the core components of the hammer crusher. And its quality is related to the length of its service life. Therefore, the hammer head is required not only to have higher hardness and wear resistance, but also to have higher toughness and impact resistance.

In summary, we all hope to find hammer head materials with high toughness and hardness. But there are few hammer head materials that can take into account toughness and hardness. The two points themselves are a contradiction. Therefore, when choosing the hammer head material, it is necessary to fully understand the working conditions and wear mechanism, and choose the hammer head material reasonably.

hammer head
hammer head

hammer head
hammer head

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How to choose the hammer head

Here are some tips on how to choose the toughness and hardness of hammer head materials.

When the hardness of the material is higher, the hardness requirement of the hammerhead material is also higher. The greater the lumpiness of the material, the higher the toughness requirements. Therefore, to choose which material of the hammer head, it is more important to pay attention to the lumpiness and hardness of the material to be crushed.

The larger the size of the crusher, the heavier the weight of the hammer. The larger the size of the crushed material, the greater the impact load on the hammer head. Therefore, when choosing the material of the hammer head, the toughness of the hammer head should be guaranteed first, and then how to increase the hardness of the hammer head should be considered on the premise of ensuring the toughness of the hammer head.

In addition to the above two points, there is another very important point. That is to comprehensively consider the rationality of its process, and consider the cost-effectiveness of the product, as well as market acceptance, use effect, etc.

hammer crusher
Daswell hammer crusher

Model Hammerhead


Input size


Output size






HC400*300 16 <100 <15 5-10 11
HC350*500 20 <100 <15 8-15 18.5
HC600*400 20 <220 <15 10-25 22
HC800*600 24 <350 <15 20-50 55
HC800*1000 28 <400 <15 20-75 75

After choosing the right hammer head, the hammer head should be correctly used and scientifically maintained in production to keep the equipment in good condition and improve the service life of the hammer head.

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